Nantong China Railway Huayu Electric Co., Ltd. is the system solution provider that sets LED lighting engineering design, construction, product development, manufacturing and sales service as a whole.
  Nantong China Railway Huayu Electric Co., Ltd. is the system solution provider that sets LED lighting engineering design, construction, product development, manufacturing and sales service as a whole.  The Company was founded jointly by Nantong China Railway Gaoyu Electric Co., Ltd. and railway department. Then it was renamed with China Railway Huayu Electric Co., Ltd., and had the registered capital of 0.11 billion Yuan. It is the national high technology enterprise and LED street lamp standard drafting unit in Jiangsu Province, which also owns advanced LED precision manufacturing center in this industry, LED intelligent online detection production line, smart light pole automation production line, and Jiangsu high-power LED lighting engineering technology research center, as well as the LED intelligent luminous environment art experience museum. The company works on high-power LED special lighting, LED exterior lighting, emergency escape lighting, LED commercial lighting, intelligent power distribution equipment, smart city lighting control system, EMC contract energy management and other system solutions. The main products include LED tunnel light, street lamp, high-power project lamp, mining lamp, landscape lamp, lifting pole lamp, lighthouse, lamp bridge, lightning rod, highway and railway LED tunnel light, LED evacuation indication light, railroad platform, station house, airport, port, warehouse lighting, distributing box, smart lighting control system, etc.


R&D team:

It has industry-leading research and development team, and invites the bureau chief of LED semiconductor research institute in the Peking University and the committee member Dr Sun Yongjian, of the National Semiconductor Committee on Standards to be the Vice President of Science & Technology. The personnel with middle and high class professional title in the research and development team accounts for 25%, and investment to the research and development can account for 5% every year. In addition, the company has carried out the research activities with the basis of independent research and development with more than 10, and has undertaken provincial key R & D projects and science and technology support program, and high technology products. What's more, the company also owns 88 patents, among which 86 items are with authorization acquirement, 11 items are patent of innovation and 68 items are patent for utility models.


Industry-University-Research Collaboration

The Company insists on promoting science and technology talents strategy, and establishing industry-university-research cooperation relations with many research institutes. It has established long-term stable industry-university-research cooperation relations with Peking University, Southwest Jiaotong University, Beijing Research Institute of Electric Light Source, Institute of Electric Light Source and Railway Professional Design Institute of Shanghai Fudan University, as well as Railway One, Two, Three and Four Survey and Design Institute as well as other Research Institutes, to jointly develop each kind of lamps and lanterns that have advanced domestic levels, among which more than 20 kinds of products have had obtained the national patent and high-tech product certificate.



R&D facilities

The Company has industry-leading high-power LED lighting engineering laboratory, and is the Jiangsu provincial engineering research center, Nantong municipal enterprise technology center, of which the center is equipped with LED lamp light color electrical test system, LED lamp photometric testing system; spectroscopic luminosity distribution measurement system; power and power - driven test system; lighting surge, electromagnetic interference testing system; each kind of IP grade environment testing system and accelerated aging testing system.


Qualification certificate

The Company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environment certification system and OHSMS28001 OSHMS, of which the products have obtained National CCC product compulsory certification, CQC certification, CE certification, Rohs certification, China CECP Certification, national fire product type certification of Ministry of Public Security, explosion-proof certification, wind tunnel test report, national testing report, national user report of major projects, etc.


Application field

Products are widely used in high speed rail, highway tunnel; railway station, platform, non-pile canopy, waiting hall, warehouse; railway goods yard, airport, port, overpass, municipal administration path, commercial complex, hospital, school, parking lot and many other places.


Typical project case:

It has undertaken many lighting projects with world's best, Asia's best and China's best.

The highest elevation illuminating engineering in the world——Tibetan Nagqu logistics center

The high speed rail with the fastest operating speed in the world——Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Railway

Railway with the longest one-time construction mileage in the world——Lanzhou-Xinjiang High-speed Railway

The most beautiful railway along coast of island in the world —— Hainan East Loop Line

The largest railway station in Asia——Beijing Railway Station, Beijing West Railway Station and Beijing South Railway Station

The largest underground high-speed rail hub in Asia——Shenzhen Futian station

The largest train make up station in Asia——Wuhan North Railway Station

The first underwater high speed rail tunnel in China——Guangzhou-Shenzhen-HK High-Speed Railway Shiziyang Tunnel

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